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    Private Placement of shares from GBLT (German Battery & Lighting Technologies PLC)

    The GBLT (German Battery & Lighting Technologies PLC) based in Cologne is the official licensee for POLAROID light products, POLAROID medical products and AGFAPHOTO mobile energy products (batteries, etc.). POLAROID is one of the rare worldwide brands with a brand-recognition of 100%. Additionally, under the brand name AGFAPHOTO (Brand awareness up to 97%), GBLT manufactures and distributes a wide range of mobile energy products worldwide, such as batteries, rechargeable batteries and chargers, at the same time increasing brand awareness throughout the world. As a licensee of the first hour, GBLT extended successively its license agreements and has licensing rights to more than 100 countries!
    After the turnover of GBLT was steady at around 1,2 million EUR per year up to 2008, it could be almost multiplied ten - fold up to 2014 to about 10 million EUR. Considering the general big organic growth and the purchase of a competitor, a turnover of about 40 million EUR is expected in 2016. An increase to over 100 million EUR up to 2017/2018 is possible without any problems.
    The GBLT wants to strengthen the planned expansionary growth through financial own resources and is planning a capital market action through the issuance of 5 million shares on the following terms:
    EUR 2.00 per share
    From the second quarter of this year 2016, the company is targeting an IPO / RTO or a stock market flotation.