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Instant Cooling Hand Refrigerator

Short Description

The basic idea of the invention is a very small or hand refrigerator that can instantly cool beverages or food products with in matter of minutes. This is done by using conduction heat exchange instead of convection for faster heat transfer between the coils and the cooling product.

Partner you are looking for:

  • SME 1-10 employees
  • SME11-46 employees
  • SME 50-249 employees
  • Enterprise 250-500 employees
  • Enterprise with more than 500 employees
  • Multinational with more than 500 employees
  • Inventor
  • Research Institute
  • Education, University
  • Investor
  • Other
  • Startup o idea innovativa
Type of Partnership you are looking for:
  • Financial agreement
  • Manufacturing agreement
Where the requested Partner is from:
  • All over the world

Budget requested : 50000